Top 8 Things to do with your Tax Refund

If your tax refund has you feeling flush, consider the benefits of using it to improve your finances.  You’ll have less stress, more money, and a sense of having done what’s best for yourself.  Here’s my list of the top eight money-smart things to do with your refund:

  1. Pay off high-interest debt
  2. Increase your emergency savings
  3. Make a principal payment on your mortgage
  4. Make a contribution to your IRA
  5. Rent a Safe Deposit Box and prepay it for a year or more
  6. Invest in a Certificate of Deposit
  7. Open a Christmas Club account and feel relief that this holiday season is paid for
  8. Give to others


By Adam Lucas Adam Lucas holds a Finance degree and an MBA from the University of Kentucky.  His work has appeared in many major outlets including Yahoo,, and 

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