OZK Labs Is Turning Heads in the Press

OZK Labs has been hard at work developing technologies to empower our bankers and customers, thanks to our innovative team in St. Petersburg, Florida and the leadership of Labs President Marcio deOliveira.

In a recent article published in the Florida Business Observer, managing editor Mark Gordon spotlighted Labs and how the team is focused on developing “practical applications that make the bank a better bank.”

As Gordon writes, OZK Labs thrives thanks to the team’s ambitious shared vision.

With 10 patent applications and four patents awarded, OZK Labs is doing some cool work for Little Rock-based Bank OZK, formerly Bank of the Ozarks. But this isn’t technology for technology’s sake. The overarching goal of the unit, says OZK Labs President Marcio deOliveira, is to create practical applications that make the bank a better bank.

This inventiveness comes back to our customers. Managing your money can be difficult, so OZK Labs is developing technologies that enhance financial decision making.

It’s a simple idea, but as the article discusses, OZK Labs’ work is anything but.

“How can we create value for our consumers and do it better than any other bank does it?” deOliveira said. “That’s what we think about here every day.”