No Cash, No Card, No Problem! Say Hello to CardFree Cash

Get cash from an ATM even without your Bank of the Ozarks debit card?  If that sounds like something from the future, the future is here.

CardFree Cash makes it easier than ever to access your money – even without your debit card.

Many of us, at one time or another have experienced the headache of losing or misplacing our debit card. Bank of the Ozarks can issue a replacement card* immediately in all of our banking offices, but what if you are out-of-town and not near a Bank of the Ozarks office?

Say hello to CardFree Cash. This new solution gives you access to cash for those emergency situations when your debit card has been lost, stolen, misplaced or forgotten.

Get Cash Without Your Debit Card

If you are a Bank of the Ozarks customer with a debit card (but you don’t have it with you at the time) all you need to do is call our call center at (800) 274-4482. We’ll set up a secure method for you to access cash at any of approximately 25,000 participating ATMs by using a one-time code. We’ll even assist you with ATM locator that will point you toward the nearest participating ATM**.

CardFree Cash is safe and secure because protecting your funds is our highest priority.

This innovative service is just one more way Bank of the Ozarks delivers on its commitment to offer our customers advanced technology solutions. 

CardFree Cash might not be something you would want to use every day, but isn’t it reassuring to know it’s there when you need it? Contact your Bank of the Ozarks local office today to learn more about the safety and convenience of CardFree Cash.

* $5 fee for replacement debit card.

**Foreign ATM fees may apply when using a non Bank of the Ozarks ATM.