How to Continue Banking on a Holiday

Woman holding a tablet and a credit card

Holidays are a time for relaxation, friendship, and good food, yet life doesn’t completely stop.  Sometimes you need to perform a little banking between the noon nap and 5 p.m. turkey dinner.  Or worse, sometimes you don’t even get the day off, meaning you may need cash for lunch or you have checks to deposit and bills to pay.  Here’s a few ways you can still get your banking done when your branch is closed.

Mobile and Online Banking

Whether you log in by phone or personal computer, online banking is like having your bank branch at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Want to check your account balances?  Need to view your transaction history?  Looking to order checks?  You can do it there.

That’s not all either.  While the following online banking services won’t hit your account until the next business day, performing them on the holiday will save you a future trip to the branch.  You can transfer funds between accounts or schedule a bill to pay.  You can even deposit checks using Mobile Deposit.  It seems like the only thing online banking isn’t capable of is cash withdrawals, which brings us to . . .

ATM Machines

The local branch might not be open, but its ATM machine is.  You can use it to check your account balance, make withdrawals any time you want and some ATMs accept cash and check deposits.  And with that, your banking needs should be about covered, unless you lose your debit card, which is why you might want to download . . .

Card Valet

I’m not sure why it works out this way, but it seems like most of us lose our debit card when the branch is closed and you can’t call to report it lost or stolen.  If you downloaded the Card Valet app on your mobile device, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your debit card any time you want. Also, call Visa at 1-800-472-3272 as soon as possible to report a lost, stolen, or compromised card which will allow you to shut the card off as well. Easy as pumpkin pie.

Hopefully now that you know Bank of the Ozarks has you covered even when they’re closed, you’ll have one more reason to relax on your holiday.

By Adam Lucas Adam Lucas holds a Finance degree and an MBA from the University of Kentucky. His work has appeared in many major outlets including Yahoo,, and

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