Houston – Emerging Stronger Together

As you all might imagine, it has been a tough two weeks in Houston and for the Texas Gulf Coast. We have been living in an extraordinarily trying environment for ourselves, our families, colleagues and neighbors.

The 50 inches of rainfall was the highest recorded in the history of Texas and every watershed in this region has flooded.

Throughout all of this flooding, the power outages, loss of property and worse, it has been an inspiration to be a part of and a witness to the resilience and generosity displayed by this Houston community.

We have hundreds, maybe thousands of people down here who, while in the midst of extremely stressful circumstances of their own, have somehow found the strength and the spirit to reach out to help others.

I am profoundly touched by those so willing to shift from their individual needs to the needs of family, friends, neighbors and even strangers.

Ultimately, I am encouraged and as optimistic as I have ever been about the future of Houston and our people.

I could not be more proud as we pick ourselves and each other up and begin to emerge stronger than ever before. I feel grateful as many of those around me display the very best of humanity.

All of our Houston branches are open and serving customers.

We too are ready to assist our neighbors as we all get ourselves back on our feet together.

Sam McHard
President, Houston Market
Bank of the Ozarks