Bank OZK is the best capitalized major bank in the US.

During these uncertain times, you can count on this; Bank OZK is rock solid and here for you.

Bank OZK is the #1 capitalized major bank in the United States. Our strong capital base reinforces the safety of our bank and your deposits. We have purposely grown this capital base to support our customers and our long-term growth and future investments.1

Bank OZK has $6.7 billion in liquid assets. Liquidity ensures we are able to securely operate in times of turmoil and respond quickly to all your needs.

For 117 years, our conservative and disciplined business strategy has proven our stability and security in times of economic turbulence and continues to be the guiding principle in everything we do.2

We’re ready to put our strength to work for you and respond quickly to all your financial needs. Our banking locations are offering banking services under normal business hours. We’re providing customized service to best fulfill your banking needs while keeping you and our employees safe.

Please call or visit your local office so we can accommodate your needs. We are here to help.


1 Among the nation’s largest 100 banks by asset size, Bank OZK ranks 1st with the strongest Tier 1 Leverage Capital ratio, 15.36% at 12-31-19. That’s nearly triple the Basel III regulatory capital minimum to be considered well capitalized. Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence data as of December 31, 2019.

2 Our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer George Gleason has led our Company for 41 years. During this time, we have had positive net income every year, and record net income in 19 of the 23 years we have been publicly traded.