George Gleason, Chairman and CEO of Bank of the Ozarks, Named Business Icon by Arkansas Business

business-icons-george-gleason-176Arkansas Business recently named Bank of the Ozarks’ Chairman and CEO, George Gleason one of Arkansas’ Top Ten Business Icons. The article aimed to familiarize readers with these well-known members of the community and showcase how they developed into the people they are today.

From the beginning of his career, George Gleason wanted to have the best bank in Arkansas. But looking back today, he said he set his goal too low and now wants to not only be the best but also the biggest bank in the country. In the article it states:

“I had a lofty goal,” Gleason said. “I just didn’t set it high enough. But you can always amend your goals.”

From early on in his life, George Gleason had values of honesty and integrity and knew what it meant to work hard. That up-bringing and those values are all reasons why he has been so successful. Gleason stated:

“I’ve told the staff scores of times that I would rather be CEO of the worst-performing bank in the country and to have gotten there with our honesty and integrity intact than to be the CEO of the best-performing bank in the country and to have gotten there by ill means.”

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