Feeling Thankful? Here’s Six Gift Ideas that can Emphasize Your Gratitude

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You’re thankful for a lot this year. Here’s a few things you can add to thank you notes to show how appreciative you are:

VISA Gift Cards:  Whether it’s a neighbor who helped pick up your mail while you were on vacation or a soldier you’d like to thank for their service, a VISA gift card is useful to just about anyone.  Unlike store-bought gift cards, a VISA gift card can be used to make purchases anywhere that VISA is accepted, meaning the recipient can buy dinner at their favorite restaurant or purchase something from their favorite store.

Two-Dollar Bills:  The rarity of a two-dollar bill may equal the rarity of a selfless good deed, which makes it an apt, yet inexpensive way to say thank you.  It’s particularly useful as a gift for children as they’ve often never seen one before, plus the bills encourage saving as most won’t want to spend it.  Speak with your local branch to see if they can secure two-dollar bills for you, and if you want to spice up the gesture even more, consider folding it into origami.

Dinner or Dessert:  Whether you attach a tin of homemade cookies or simply write an invite for a home-cooked meal inside a thank you note, this gesture will feed their heart.

Savings Bonds:  Savings bonds have lost popularity, but they’re still a useful way to give to a young person and know your gift won’t be spent immediately.  Changes enacted by the US Department of Treasury in 2012 mean it’s no longer possible to buy paper savings bonds at financial institutions as they are now only available electronically through TreasuryDirect.  Gift savings bonds require the recipient to have a TreasuryDirect account.

Charitable Contributions: There’s a great feeling that comes with doing something good, so why not share it?  Pick out a cause that will resonate with your do-gooder, and contact the charity to let them know you’ll be making a donation in someone else’s name.  Many prominent charities have this option built right into the donation forms on their website.  Some charities even offer cards or souvenir gift packages to go along with such donations.

Public Recognition:  This last one may not be something you mention in your thank you card, but it’s certainly something you can do in addition to it.  Head to social media and give the person who helped you the praise they deserve.  By taking it public, they’ll know how much what they did meant to you.

If none of the above seem appropriate, a sincere note that says what a difference someone has made in your life may be all you need to add to your thank you cards.  The important thing is that we all take a moment this time of year to consider what we’re thankful for.

By Adam Lucas Adam Lucas holds a Finance degree and an MBA from the University of Kentucky. His work has appeared in many major outlets including Yahoo, AARP.org, and GoBankingRates.com.

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