Check Your Charges: Don’t let unusual spending go unnoticed

It can happen right under your nose. Bit by bit, a fraudster could be assuming your identity and chipping away at your bank accounts, applying charges that don’t raise an alarm. Then, suddenly, you notice that your balance is significantly smaller than expected. You’ve been scammed!

Online scammers may be vicious, but they’re not dummies. They know how to steal as much from you as possible without getting caught. The COVID-19 pandemic has only encouraged these criminals, with reports of these types of frauds rising dramatically over the past 12 months.

Real-time monitoring and access to your account is more critical than ever to protecting your assets. Bank OZK uses advanced technology to detect fraud earlier in the transaction process, increasing the odds of detecting fraud schemes as soon as they emerge.

You can also play a significant role in protecting your money. Monitor your account activity easily and quickly through our Bank OZK banking app and keep tabs on which charges are legitimate  ­– and which are fraudulent.


Check Often. Take Precautions.

  • Log in to your accounts frequently, and keep an eye out for unauthorized activity
  • Set up real-time account alerts through online or mobile banking that will notify you of suspicious account activity. Alerts can be sent through either text message or email, to
    always keep you up to date on your account activity.
  • Report any suspicious activity to Bank OZK immediately
  • When in doubt, change your password


It’s smart to remain vigilant and alert to suspicious activity on your accounts. It’s also wise to understand the many ways in which scammers can attempt to steal your assets. In the weeks ahead, we will identify the frauds and scams plaguing our community, and we’ll provide you with the information and actions that you can use to protect yourself.

Stay tuned.

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