4 Out-of-the-Box (or Piggy Bank) Ways to Save Money

Ever tried to trick yourself into doing something you didn’t really want to do?  Like when you’re high on a ladder and you keep from looking down, or you’re about to give a big speech and close your eyes so you can’t see the crowd.  Try one of these nifty methods to save money, and you just might be able to trick yourself into increasing your savings account balance.

The $5 Bill Savings Plan
For those who like to spend cash, the $5 bill savings plan is simple: you’re not allowed to spend $5 bills.  Every time one comes into your possession, you have to place it in savings.

My Change Keeper
My Change Keeper is a free service that can be added to Bank of the Ozarks checking accounts and offers three savings options.  One option automatically rounds up debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and deposits the difference into a linked checking or savings account.  It’s the high-tech equivalent of keeping a change jar at home.

Never-ending Loan Payment Plan
Once you pay off your student or car loans, change your automatic draft so it pays your savings account the same amount instead.

Bad Habit Savings Plan
It’s like the curse jar at your work, only more personal.  Pick a habit you’d like to kick, like drinking soft drinks or skipping workouts.  Then charge yourself a set amount (perhaps $1 a Coke or $5 for a missed workout) every time you partake in the bad habit.  It’s a win-win because eventually you’ll either have a flush savings account or be rid of one costly habit.